Reality Dreams of Flight Simulator

Flying Quixote is an high level product development company for flying simulators.

Flying Quixote is an high level product development company for flying simulators.

We are a group of developers, artists and coordinators but, above all, enthusiastic about simulation.

We believe a very big passion only can bring results in a so technical area like this.

Our diligence is totally dedicated to recreate the highest possible realism level for an unprofessional simulation product.

Flying Quixote method starts from systematic and professional study of product we are reproducing, through the acquisition of historical and technical sources, but also of certified collaborations with important figures of aeronautic world, air forces and ex-professional pilots.

We implement all these aspects with aim of realising the greatest possible realism level.

This is our polar star.

Our goal is therefore to recreate accurately a 3D model of airplanes and cockpits with professional modelling animating and mapping softwares, then pass to a long work about source code optimization, reproducing in detail the flying model.

Starting from Microsoft Flight Simulator Platform, we have intention to pass our projects on all the supports we consider valids in order to satisfy even the most exigent of clients that are guided by passion, love for flying and by the passionate challenge research in perfection.

All this activities are our work. Some of us have left their preceding job to dive into this adventure and, for this reason, we feel this like a mission: we think that there is still much to do in this fascinatig world of simuation.

Maybe our products are commercial but the aim of our policy is to obtain the best relation possible between gratification of work and satisfaction of the final user keeping our products accesibles to all.

At the same time we have a big admiration for those who develop free products and with which we collaborate and among which we have many friends .

And to don't be outdone, some of our products (all the possible) will be available for free.

So, what are you waiting for?

Fly with us!

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