M-346 at TLP Aggressor training

AMI M-346 have take part to the exercitation TLP NATO as Aggressor role in close combat

During the month of February (4-12), two instructional M-346 aircraft belonging to the 61st Air Brigade stationed in Lecce Galatina, were redeployed in Spain, at the air base in Albacete, incorporated in TLP (Tactical Leadership Programme). Their use has been designed to provide a Training support in the final stages of the 1st FC Flying Course 2016, carrying the RED AIR function, better known as AGGRRESSOR ROLE.
The new MB-346, which, as we recall, are instructional aircraft newly developed compared to 'Aermacchi MB-339A / CD, have carried out training flights alongside the Typhoon squadron ALA-11 and played the role of "bandits" simulated dogfight engagements to order to test the combat capability of further NATO aircraft such as Rafale, Mirage-2000, Hornet, Typhoon and AMX-Ghibly. The partecpazione of trainer aircraft of the 'AMI, has been a significant innovation and developed an equally positive feedback on the operational plan and a Training of fighter pilots and departments. Thanks to it the same drivers of 'AMI were able to develop and grow their wealth of knowledge under the close-combat profile, using the latest doctrines inherent in' impego the concept of Air-Power.
What has enabled this success is the technological novelty of the new trainer of Finmeccanica house, something unthinkable instead for his predecessore.L 'Aermacchi MB-339 CD in fact, as many already know, is a Training aircraft single-engine, twin- seat, whose flight envelope and structural characteristics are ideal for the 'training and aerobatics. The updated version MB-339CD, has an MFD (Multi-Function Display) and HUD incorporating targeting systems but only with emulative function as the same aircraft is not equipped with radar.
The Aermacchi MB-346 instead, direct successor of "Macchino" is an aircraft' s newly developed training.
Developed in 2004 and implemented at a Training AMI department only in recent times, the "Master" is being imposed even at very difficult and demanding foreign contractors such as Israel.
Initially conceived as congiuto project with the 'Russian Aerospace Industry (Yakovlev) in verisone Yak-130, the' M-346 has been developing independently as a result of different industrial choices of compartecipanti manufacturers.
The new trainer, twin-seat as The predecessor, is powered by a pair of Turbofan Engine Honeywell ITEC F-124-GA-200 from 6250 lbs thrust each, with a transonic speed capacity equal to Mach 1.2 (1093 kph, 590 knt), operational fee 45.000ft and weighs 4610kg unladen 9500 kg and a maximum weight (take-off).
The aircraft is equipped with a gyro-laser inertial platform, which allows an accuracy of navigation and attack (AG) increased, and a glass-cockpit instrumentation of the type of last generation, incorporating a multifunction radar Master (which sets him apart from greatly his predecessor and allows the activity of "aggressor role" in dissimilar air to air engagment), HUD, and all multimodal features for mission profiles that both AA AG, required to 'pilot training intended for' use of multi-role tactical aircraft .

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